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Children's Spring Break Celebration 2014

CONFIRMED: Wed, March 19th, 10–12 AM, Metro town Library,
6100 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby

To Register or for more information, please contact Sandy at 778-888-3415 or email frogsongfamilycamp@gmail.com.

If there is interest & support, we may be planning another event during the second week of Spring Break

Ages: 0-13 - any children who feel "too old" for any of the activities may be asked to be Special Helpers (chopping veggies for dipping, colouring the Magic Basket cards, helping younger children with their turns etc)

Parental supervision required.- Parents may bring their own child and one or two others, & will be responsible for any children they bring -organic sugar-free snacks are welcome, also cups & little plates. Let me know if you can bring Puppets &/or musical or percussive instruments
The Magic Basket Game will give parents & children an opportunity to learn & practice Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication skills (cnvc.org) in a fun way

Let us know if you are interested in helping to organize an NVC Family Camp over the next 2 summers (see "Doing Love" by Velcro Ripper)http://www.facebook.com/l/uAQGeoCq7AQHMp1SRXdL1BzO1zJJ462uv5RzG4rkEGNoPJQ/www.nvcfamilycamp.org/about.html

Magic Basket Activities:
*face painting
*sing a song (picker picks or approves the song)
*pass the percussion instruments for playing "old macdonald had a band"
*ring the ting sha's (tibetan bells) -pause to listen & then pass them around the circle
*play a game ("duck duck goose goose", "row row row your boat" or other....)
*pick a story to read or be read or make into a play
*play with juggling scarves & pass around the circle
*put on a puppet show
*do one or two movements for everyone to copy (yoga poses, gym exercises, dance steps
martial arts moves, or something silly)
*pick a prop & make up a voice/walk/action to go with it.
*play balloon ball
This can be a barrel, or a basket of fun!

Jenna Card
CNVC Certified Trainer
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