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I just received this generous offer from NVC Academy and want to share it with this community!  What a joy it is to see Marshall's work to be available in a beautiful, accessible, easy to understand format.


From NVC Academy...

What if you could learn to speak a language that would enable you to communicate with empathy and compassion in every situation? Such a language does exist: It is the language of Nonviolent Communication.

You can click here to watch a free teaching that introduces you to Nonviolent Communication—what originator Marshall Rosenberg calls "the language of life."

The essence of Nonviolent Communication is learning to identify your feelings and needs and listen with openness and receptivity to the feelings and needs of others, especially when we find ourselves in a conflict or we feel critical of others.

In this free teaching, Marshall Rosenberg introduces you to the core components of NVC and how to put these principles into action in your relationships. You'll learn how to attune to what you are feeling in the moment and also how to make specific requests for actions from others that will fulfill your needs.



Yours on the journey,

Mary Mackenzie, CNVC Certified Trainer
Co-founder and Lead Trainer, NVC Academy

P.S. This introduction is part of a three-part teaching series on Nonviolent Communication. I hope you find this series useful and inspiring!

Jenna Card
CNVC Certified Trainer
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