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Miki Kashtan talking about the intersections of blame, empowerment and collaboration:
"...we exchange blame only because we don’t experience ourselves as having the power to shape things. A collaborative future of the kind I ache for can only happen when enough of us embrace the deep practice of collaboration and choose to step into our full power in every moment..."
"The reason it’s so crucial to identify what is so appealing about blame is that the pull to blame, although it may give us an illusion of doing something, is ultimately a form of giving power away. When we blame, the only person with any power to change the situation is the other person."
"I don’t personally see committing only to my own needs as a fully empowered state. It is only when we can find a solution, a path forward which attends to everyone’s needs, that we have the power to aim for change in a way that will not ultimately backfire."
Her draft of working with our tendency to blame can be found here: http://thefearlessheart.org/from-blame-to-power/

If you're interested in working with blame, Mika will be providing a workshop on that topic Tuesday, Nov 25th 2014.

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