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Enemies and Armour

A “Sing with Your Jackals, Dance with You Giraffe” workshop 

An East Van Compassionate Communication Community event. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014 10am-4pm 

Pacifica Treatment Centre – 1755 E. 11th Avenue 

Safety is so important to us as human beings that we can go to great lengths trying to create it. We can even do things that give us exactly what we don’t want without realizing it, unless we learn to see the world in a new way. Most of us have learned to deal with life the way we were taught – to watch out for “dangerous people” and “protect” ourselves from being hurt. This way of interpreting life is so ingrained that it can be hard to even imagine any other way of seeing things. 

This workshop is aimed at identifying the ways we see others as dangerous or as “enemies” (which includes any way we judge, blame or criticize others), and exploring a different way of understanding them so we experience more safety and connection. We will also be looking at the ways we put our guards up, our armour on, in the mistaken belief that this will keep us safe. Instead, we will use the ideas, skills and practice of Non-violent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg to recognize we already live in a world where there is good reason to believe in our safety, interdependence and freedom.


Whether you are new to NVC or have lots of experience, I invite you to take part in this chance to really immerse yourself in a new way of thinking and speaking. Experience an opportunity to practice improving communication and self-awareness in a supportive atmosphere. 

I would love to hear from you if you are planning to attend, but feel free to show up at the last minute if you want to join in. You can contact me at: jim@pacificatreatment.ca

I’m Jim Thompson and I love working with this approach to communication. and I work hard to be faithful to my best understanding of the skills and principles of NVC. I am now registered as a CNVC Certification Candidate and I am offering this class as part of my requirements for Certification. Join our community on Sunday and share your self with us.


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