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The Center for Nonviolent Communication - http://www.cnvc.orgThe Center for Nonviolent Communication's website includes general information on NVC, a list of NVC trainers throughout the world, material sales, calendar of CNVC events, information on Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC, and Articles and writings 

BC Network for Compassionate Communication - http://www.bcncc.ca/

I have just signed up for a year-long training with Sarah Peyton and Eric Bowers. I really enjoy and value their work. They are offering a week long retreat in February. Mika has helped them set up workshops and courses in Vancouver. They both incorporate NVC and Interpersonal Neurobiology in their work, which I find extremely helpful. Sarah’s website is: http://www.empathybrain.com . She also has a monthly newsletter. Eric’s is: http://www.roadtocompassion.com . Eric is also leading workshops for single’s on relationship issues.

There is a NVC trainer in New York who offers a year-long course online named Thom Bond. He can be contacted through the New York Centre for NonViolent Communication. http://www.nycnvc.org . So far, its been a great experience going through his weekly course work. 

Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson works with NVC and kids/education. http://www.thenofaultzone.com 

Rick Goodfriend is another certified NVC trainer, who has a website and book “I Hear You, But…” http://www.rickgoodfriend.com or http://www.walkyourtalk.org . He also runs a site for World Empathy Day (Wednesdays) with weekly tips. http://www.empathyday.com

Beth and Neill run a website in Britain called http://www.focusedattention.com with weekly tips. 

Anther resource for NVC in our area is the BCNCC http://www.bcncc.ca British Columbia Network for Compassionate Communication. 

At Langara College, Raj Gill teaches NVC courses. She is one of the North American head trainers, and one of the authors of the NVC toolkit – a fantastic resource. I have taken a number of classes with her and am signed up for an advanced class starting in November. I highly recommend her clarity and competence in working with this material. 

Diane Roy has been leading another practice group in Vancouver for years, and is taking time off from leading these groups to be a parent of a young child. She has some of the books, and other NVC tools available to buy at a great price. creatingdiane@gmail.com .

http://www.wiseheartpdx.org. In Portland Oregon. This site is the home of LaShelle Lowe-Charde, a certified NVC trainer who also has counselling training in relationship therapy.

Open Door Communication. http://www.opendoorcommunication.org  This center is directed by Rev Terry LePage and offers workshops and practice groups in Orange County, CA

http://www.echoparenting.org  http://www.first5la.org/grantees/the-center-for-non-violent-education-and-parenting Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting. The Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting offers ongoing Saturday morning parenting classes in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles 

http://nvctraining.com/ NVC Academy The NVC Academy has found a way to finally make Nonviolent Communication training accessible to everyone. All you need is a telephone, Skype connection or computer and you can have 24/7 access to certified trainers from across the globe - immediately!

http://nonviolentcommunication.net/ NVC Marketplace -- a great place to buy teleclasses, books and videos of some great NVC trainers.

http://www.radicalcompassion.com. Jim and Jori Manske creating a world where everyone wants to belong, one peace at a time; a world where people are contributing to the well-being of each other in mutually satisfying ways.

http://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/index.htm Nonviolent Communication. The PuddleDancer Press website for NVC has much useful information about NVC as well as a bookstore to purchase NVC materials from. 

http://www.groktheworld.com/ . For books and materials to teach and learn NVC, including GROK! (feelings and needs cards and 15 games), and the illustrated NVC primer: Communication FUNdamentals; an NVC exercise and facilitation manual - GROK it!; and videos (http://www.groktheworld.com/video)!

http://www.speakingpeace.org. Compassionate Communication – Central Ohio This organization has chosen Jeff Brown as the Executive Director to share NVC in Ohio and beyond.

oCreating A Compassionate Classroom

Contains general info on NVC and classrooms/teaching with Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle-Hodson as well as lists several three day workshops teaching NVC in the classroom. 

o Freedom Project

Website of NVC and Mindfulness Trainings for prisoners, returnees to the community, and their families. It has a list of their programs and how they can be supported.

oNVC Arizona

Website offers NVC Trainings and Resources in Arizona

oNVC Training Institute

A NVC community of trainers - Susan Skye, Robert Gonzales, Wes Taylor, and Towe Widstrand and others - this website lists their upcoming trainings in depth.


Lists trainings, events, and teachers in the SF Bay Area as well as general NVC information and NVC articles.

oNVC Santa Cruz

NVC website for the Santa Cruz, CA community with upcoming events of certified trainers: Kristin Masters, Christine King, & Jean Morrison

oNVC in New Mexico

Nonviolent Communication New Mexico's website contains contact for the many trainers throughout NM, as well as general NVC info.

oNonviolent Communication Hawaii

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in Hawaii as well as some general NVC information.

oWhatcom Network for Compassionate Communication

Lists events and trainers in the Bellingham, WA area as well as general NVC info. 

oPuget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in the Puget Sound area (Around Seattle) as well as some general NVC information. 

oOregon Network for Compassionate Communication

This website contains links to the many trainers throughout Oregon, as well as general NVC info.

oCharlottesville Center for Compassionate Communication

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in the Charlottesville, VA as well as general NVC information and NVC materials.

oTwin Cities Nonviolent Communication

NVC website for the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN community with upcoming events and trainers listed.


The New York Council for Nonviolent Communication is one of three New York NVC websites that contains news, events, trainers and a hands on NVC exercise. 


Another of the New York websites. This website has general info about NVC as well as events in NY.

oCenter for Collaborative Communication

Serving the greater metro New York area, nationally and beyond, creating a world of abundance, interdependence and peace where the needs of all beings matter and are held with care.

oNVC Toronto

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in Toronto, Canada as well as some general NVC information. 

oBC Network for Compassionate Communication

NVC website for British Columbia, Canada with general NVC information, upcoming events, and trainers listed.

oNVC Ottawa

Lists trainings, events, and teachers in Ottawa, Canada as well as some general NVC information. 

oNVC Europe

This site is a links page, with links to website in 12 different European Countries.

oNVC UK Info Point

Contains thorough list on NVC trainers in the UK. A new updated more in depth site is expected soon.

oCNV Argentina

Lists events, history and contacts in Argentina to NVC (note: this website is in Spanish)

oInstitue for Empowering Communication

Blending the practical with the inspirational, we help people build more fulfilling relationships 

oNVC World

Provides links to NVC resources around the world


Vancouver NVC trainers working with yoga community


Portland, Oregon, website with couple’s and individual’s workshops, “Gems” (NVC articles), and a wonderful Jackal Dictionary.


Dian Killian website based in New York – Connect Across Differences book, newsletter, Creator of Collaborative Communication and Somatic-Based Empathy (SBE)

http://www.sacredspaceinc.com Cynthia Moe and Mark Feinknopf are NVC facilitators in Atlanta Georgia area. They introduce organizations to the meeting and decision-making ease, dynamic effectiveness, and sustainable conflict management made possible by utilizing the Consent Circle, Nonviolent Communication, and Restorative Circle models.




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Wow, thanks Jim -- that`s incredible! =-D
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