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What`s your favorite metaphor for the empathic experience?

Here are some metaphors for the empathic experience from cultureofempathy.com:


  • Empathy is like going on a journey with the other person, a journey where neither of us knows where we are heading and where we will be when we arrive.
  • Empathy is like gravity: its effects on a small scale are apparently modest, but observed on a global scale, the effect is so overwhelming as to create the environment that houses every other interaction. To study the effects of empathy upon individual survival without fully understanding the effects of empathy upon the survival of the species is like running meticulous crash tests but ignoring road conditions. Betsy Shebang
  • Empathy is like jazz. Jazz requires listening to the experience, rather than just hearing the instrument
  • Empathy as riding the wave of another`s experience

From http://cultureofempathy.com/References/Metaphors.htm



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Empathy is like a clear, polished mirror. It reflects your true self, not who you think you are.

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