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New Workshop:

Switch up the Tunes
on an Overplayed Inner Song

Compassionate Communication
with a clenched fist
vs an open palm

"When [X] happens, my need to matter isn't met"
"That wasn't compassionately communicated"
"That's not empathy"
Do we have an unnoticed thought pattern that leads to disconnection -- even within our Compassionate Communication practice?  If so, how would we honestly know?
What influences our ability to facilitate the quality of connection that enables giving from the heart?  How does treating needs as internal or external tie in?

Workshop Description:  What we do BEFORE we open our mouths, or take action, influences what happens next. What "happens next" includes influencing another's receptivity, trust-building and collaborative care.
Join us in exploring what happens when we decide to approach and enter the qualities which would enrich life (our "needs") from a different door -- thereby noticing the subtle inner shift towards our pain that would make all the difference in whether or not we embody our Compassionate Communication ("NVC") presence

...or just think that we do.

Workshop Goals:
  • To notice (and therefore have more choice on) whether we become truly free from the tendency to moralistically evaluate -- even within our Compassionate Communication practice.
  • To more easily identify whether how we treat the moment, and our Compassionate Communication practice, leads to (dis)connection, and how to shift it.
  • To develop awareness around when we are open heartedly present to what's alive in the moment  ("open palm") vs objectifying others or the situation with what I call a consumerist approach to needs ("clenched fist").

Expanded Description
Our pattern of thinking that disconnects us (also known as  "jackals") can hijack anything for its own purposes -- even that which was originally meant to infuse us with compassion. Which might help explain why we often can find it eerily common for Compassionate Communication (also known as "NVC"), or any of the needs (including "empathy") to become a lense through which we judge others or the moment.
It's the same old jackal song, only on a different radio station.
I call it an "overplayed inner song" because the familiar "tune" of evaluative thinking that seems to infiltrate just about every corner of our world culture -- and unless we're mindful, this would creep into our Compassionate Communication efforts too. Even without cue from our culture's proverbial conductor, it's a song we may unintentionally sing to ourselves out of habit, in our less aware moments.
Myself included.
Join us at this workshop and see this inner dynamic of disconnecting from people/situations through the lense of Compassionate Communication (I call this Compassionate Communication with a clenched fist) -- contrasted with getting a taste of what it's like to step into deepened presence within the true heart of Compassionate Communication (I call this Compassionate Communication with an open palm), so that we can have more awareness and true choice surrounding how we engage our Compassionate Communication "jackals".

And from there, moving towards embodying something more powerful, constructive, and meaningful, can become easier.


Workshop Details

Before coming to this workshop, please ensure you've read and understood the "Setting Scope, Purpose & the Container for Group Care" handout.  Why:
  • To preserve this gathering as a place where we practice nurturing the quality of connection that enables giving from the heart.
  • To nurture greater receptivity, ownership of one's experience, trust-building and collaborative care, within the group.  
  • To help us remain open to each other's requests or concerns, should any crop up during the workshop.

By-cash donation: No one will be turned away for a lack of funds. This 2.5 hour workshop is offered with the request of exchange for a $20-$0 donation. Please make a note to bring cash. Any amount you wish to contribute will be gratefully embraced, and will cover ongoing expenses incurred such as materials, transportation, many long hours spent in workshop preparation, facilitator's time and efforts, etc, -- essentially making continuing these workshops possible

No registration nor experience required for this drop in. 

When: Monday, October 24th 2016, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

: 1755 E 11th Ave., Vancouver (half a block east of Commercial on E 11th Ave.), at Pacifica Treatment Centre. The Commercial/Broadway Skytrain is close, and there is ample bike parking and car parking out front.  Session held in the 3rd floor, south meeting room (straight ahead, as you get off the elevator).

Questions or comments can be directed to the facilitator: Melissa

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