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This post shares how and why the EVCCC Forum came to be... http://evccc.discussioncommunity.com/post/welcome-to-evccc-6793282?pid=1281855099#post1281855099

In the spirit of inclusion and acknowledging the expanded vision for the forum, we opted to distribute invitations to a wider NVC circle, rather than sticking to just the Pacifica Practice Group list.  We are truly hoping that the opportunity to become more connected to the Vancouver (and beyond?) NVC community enlivens you. 

In respect of privacy and choice, we have intentionally not include last names in the Member List, nor is your email visible publicly.  We will limit forum wide emails to no more than once per week and members are in full control of what other email updates they receive from the Forums.

If there is any other clarity or understanding, we can provide that would support your joyful participation in this new community resource, please ask a question by replying to this post or if privacy is desired emailing evcccforum@gmail.com.

If not, we are entirely happy to hear that your needs are currently being met and you would like to be removed as a Member of the forum.  If this is the case, please email evcccforum@gmail.com and your request will be processed ideally within a few days.

Jenna Card
CNVC Certified Trainer

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Dear Forum creator(s)...

Many thanks to you(s) for the tangible, doable, living entity that this has become!

I am basking in my connection to community and connection, ahhhhh.............

.......................and yet have a lovely clear sense of respect as there is consideration of .........choice and privacy.........

...and here I am able to have expression, feeling playful and full of gratitude for the manifestation of this forum...

your skills, efforts and heart are deeply appreciated, Jen and others?....

Also I feel relief as I value balance and ease. I'm thinking of our dear friend Jim T...Valuing how I imagine that this forum will afford support and contribution in ways that will support balance, ease and wellness while maintaining community and communication...

Loving how creativity connects to the myriad of strategies to meet our needs.

Huge thanks!


ps writing from Japan! 4:30 am. Clearly jet lagged, but well and happy. It rocks to be connected even an ocean away!
Elizabeth Wa

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Thanks to Jen and everyone who assisted putting the EVCCC Forum together! I feel so welcomed and I am excited to be part of this community!

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