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Opportunities to learn NVC in structured classroom settings are limited in Vancouver/Victoria and, as far as I know, non-existent in the rest of the province. Practice groups, similarly, are limited in number. Retreats and residential workshops can be prohibitively expensive. While there exists, I believe, a desire by many individuals to see the practice of NVC expand, people have limited resources of time, energy and finances to manifest this desire. I believe by tapping into the limited energy of many people, it is possible to generate an impact that will be felt by many.

I am writing to invite your participation to establish a registered society to support and promote the education and practice of nonviolent communication in the province of British Columbia . The purpose of this association will be to build on the work already established by Marshall Rosenberg, to provide a framework for collaboration of the various groups and practitioners currently active in this area, and to establish further outreach into our local communities throughout the province. Raising funds to remove financial barriers to learning requires the formal registration of this organization under the Societies Act of British Columbia and application to the Canada Revenue Agency (Canadian equivalent to the IRS) for a charitable tax status. The first stage will be the establishment of the society. The second part will be to formulate a plan for action to make the vision a reality.

The purpose of the BCNVC is:

To support, reflect, promote and manifest the mission and values of The Centre For NVC in communities on the Pacific West Coast.

To offer education, community outreach, coordination and practice space for individuals learning, teaching and living nonviolent communication

To pursue partnerships with organizations and individuals whose purpose aligns with those of BCNVC.

To develop our communities in a way that emulates the vision, values and mission of CNVC. 



Organize classes in nvc in all communities of the Greater Vancouver Regional District

Support and Coordinate the establishment of practice groups

Ongoing classes multiple times a year


Community Outreach

Corporate -- to connect with commercial enterprises and demonstrate advantages to incorporating nvc principles into management and labour structures

Communities -- to identify opportunities to use nvc in the community to support individuals

Social Justice/Social Change


CRA tax number for charitable donations

Corporate Classes: a corporation sponsors a series of classes by paying the instructor. Students pay a nominal amount.

Retail outlet: coffee house "The Giraffe and Jackal"

Paraphanalia -- mugs, t-shirts, clothing line, calendar with quotations from Marshall Rosenberg about NVC


Board Members

to be determined



$10 Annual membership???Receive something with it, like a calendar, tshirt, mug, giraffe/jackal ears, etc

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