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Mark B

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Hi all,

I"m excited to be starting this. I'm looking for people who are interested in community living and interested in building a NVC house. Any amount of background in NVC is welcome, just a desire to learn is all that's important. I'm sure it's like going to a foreign country to immerse yourself in the culture and learn by having to practise.                   [smile]

Finding a place could be 2-6 months away; I'm just starting to find people interested. I can only move no earlier than May 1rst myself. I don't have a pace in mind; we gather the people together and then find a place. Someone might want a driveway, another, a spare room for their children twice a month... so we really need to find the people first. I'm thinking 3 to 8 people. A couple of us could be into gardening, and other's who are into bicycle riding/repair, so we can each find a niche to  enrich the group. We could share what's going on in each of this sub-communities, and bring it into the fold at house meetings. There's a Network of Collective Houses in Vancouver that offer skill shares and put on workshops for some things like home canning, or renovations ( http://vancollectivehousenetwork.blogspot.ca/ or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/10084638013/ ). The important part is the NVC in this house. With all our needs communicated, we can find a way of working where everyone gets involved and we all find a way of living that satisfies us. Think of sweet empathy and holding care for each other as a basis of home. If we're all clear and involved, anything's possible. I have a willingness to be together. We can stand solidly, and communicate feelings and needs. We'll work it out.
Thanks, Mark
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