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An NVC facilitator said that people with secure attachment don't have expectations.  

Here is what's said about the expectations that people with secure attachment have:
(You can hit Ctrl+F to do a search for "expect" on the page.)

Basically, they expect to be met with support and help.  And they expect that people will be responsive.  I remember Sarah saying that they expect to be met with curiosity and be given the benefit of the doubt.


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Thank you Melissa, for the articles. I have read and learnt from both of them.

I see expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or will be the case in the future or a belief that someone will or should do something.

When I read the sections referring to Secure Attachment, I noticed 
  1. in the first article the word expectation was used once and refer to a state while forming the Secure Attachment not after it was established. 
  2. in the second article the word expectation was used 3 times. However, when put into context with the rest of the wording, the word "trust" came to me rather than "demand" which expectation seems to imply. 

My understanding is that secure attachment develops a state whereby the individual goes more with the flow and ready to deal with what ever comes up. they might still have expectations but they are not like demands but more like requests.

My 2 cents.. any of this resonate?

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