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"Being NVC" More Naturally

A 2-day workshop with Nonviolent Communication certified trainers

Kristin Masters (Santa Cruz) & Mika Maniwa (BC)


"Quit talking like that!"
Ever faced someone's cry for authenticity when you're trying your best to "follow the model" laid out in Marshall Rosenberg's book? 
Or when you're demonstrating Nonviolent Communication have you heard comments like,
"But that would never work with my ....." (family/boss/co-workers/clients/friends, etc...)
Come spend the weekend exploring how we can hold NVC consciousness and speak from the heart in ways that sound more natural and easier to relate to in everyday life.
WHEN:   Saturday, September 29th & Sunday, October 1st
                10:00 am to 5:00 pm
WHERE:  In the common room of the Northern Way housing co-op, East Vancouver*
*Please note: This location to be confirmed.
COST:     Sliding scale $150 - $300
We may spend our time:
- Role-playing challenging situations in "classical NVC" and "colloquial NVC", like what to do when you're overwhelmed
- Tapping into the Living Energy of Needs
- Translating one-word needs into 5-word 'pictures'
- Brainstorming ways to support ourselves and each other to enrich our practice in Street Giraffe (see below)
- Doing rounds of "Conflict Improv" (see below)
- Your ideas and input
For more info or to register, please write to Mika at mikamaniwa@outlook.com  or call 778-840-7902
More about Conflict Improv
Part entertainment and part enlightenment, Conflict Improv brings out the comedy in our conflicts.
NVC Trainers  and brave participants will act out typical conflicts suggested by the audience, whether it’s a challenging conversation with your partner or talking to your brother-in-law about how he feels about the current president. After briefly acting them out in our habitual non-productive fashion, one of the actors applies the tools and principles of Nonviolent Communication to see what can happen..
These real-life conflicts put NVC to the test. Along the way, we are able to demonstrate NVC in action.
More about Street Giraffe
While the classical language of NVC can be perceived as clunky and awkward at times, the principles behind it can guide us to an undefended connection with one another.
This weekend Mika and Kristin will lead an exploration on how to adapt our approach and our language  in ways that work on whatever “streets” we walk. We’ll look at the places you most wish NVC could support your relationships and apply some NVC street smarts for options in empathy, honesty, requests, and feedback.
Kristin decided early on in her NVC learning that her goal was to speak 400 dialects of street giraffe. This morphed into a desire to have her language and energy meet each individual she encounters as they are, with their own cultural backgrounds and identities, combining 25 years of diversity work with 20+ years of applying NVC to life.  Kristin Masters is a Certified NVC trainer who lives in Santa Cruz, CA, US. She aims to show up authentically, to engage those who attend at many levels, to build community, capacity and trust in our time together.
Mika has spent many years cringing and being cringed at by others wanting more authenticity in the way she speaks.  She has a passion for making Nonviolent Communication sound more natural, allowing freedom of expression in ways that build safety and trust between people.  She's been leading practice groups in the Lower Mainland for the past 10 years supporting parents, facilitators, and individuals to sustain compassion for themselves and others.
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