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Sing with your Jackal, Dance with your Giraffe are one day workshops hosted by Jim Thompson.

We also offer special free 1-day weekend courses once a month held at Pacifica Treatment Centre from 10 am to 4pm.  These workshops are a chance to get a rich experience of connecting with a supportive community, embrace your own critical or self-critical thinking and open up to a more cooperative and understanding-based way of being in the world.

Schedule of Upcoming Workshops:

  • May 11th, - “Community and Self”


  • June 15th - “Enemies & Armour”

Pacifica Treatment Centre, 1755 E 11th Ave. 

The Skytrain is close, and there is ample bike parking and car parking out front.

Pacifica is a residential treatment centre, so you will be asked to sign in and wear a name tag while in the building. Pacifica looks like an apartment block from the outside, and there is a staff person at the front reception around 6:30 to help you sign in, and give directions to our room. Usually we are in room 320, and there is an elevator that goes to the third floor directly opposite the group room.

Because Pacifica is a residential facility, here are a few guidelines that are helpful to know before you come:


  • Only a staff person may open the front door; please do not let others in, even if you know them.
  • Use the front door for entrance and exit.
  • No food, liquids, or gum.  Only bottled water is allowed into the building.
  • Please use the bathrooms on the ground floor.
  • Please do not walk down the halls, as these lead to the residential spaces of the people who live in the building.
  • Clients are not involved in our practice sessions – this is an NVC group, not a recovery group.
  • Greet the people and staff at the front with a smile!  

From Jim:
I’m Jim Thompson and I love working with this approach to communication. and I work hard to be faithful to my best understanding of the skills and principles of NVC. I am now registered as a CNVC Certification Candidate and I am offering this class as part of my requirements for Certification. Join our community on Sunday and share your self with us.  

If you would like to read more on non-violent communication, Marshall Rosenberg’s book, “Nonviolent Communication; A Language of Love,” is available in libraries and bookstores.  You can check out the website as well: http://www.cnvc.org/

Jenna Card
CNVC Certified Trainer
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