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For a couple of years now, I have been subscribing to a weekly newsletter from an NVC trainer named Rick Goodfriend. His exercises tend to be short, to the point and connect to the real spirit of NVC consciousness -- meaningful connection and the spirituality of savouring our needs. This evening, I compiled about 10 of his exercises to choose from. We selected five different short NVC exercises including "Don't be So Humble", "Three Words to Warm up to your Values",  "A Good Mourning to You", "Express Yourself, Help Make a Better Day", and "Keep Your Focus, Keep the Peace". I really enjoyed the cooperative, collaborative spirit we created together.

P.S. Rick has a book called "I Hear You, But..." that is full of NVC Tips and exercises. His websites are: http://www.empathyday.com and http://www.walkyourtalk.org if you want to know about what he offers.
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