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Here is the outline for September 9 practice group

Being In Touch

Being connected, keeping in contact, touching base, being attached, joining in, being part of, fitting in, linking, forming a bond, building a bridge, forming ties, a sense of union, sharing, merging, coming together, getting a feel for someone, walking in their shoes, a touching message, something that is moving, stirring, or heart-felt. Someone to lean on, to count on, go along with, support, lead or follow. Joining, uniting, sensing, associating, get along with, hit it off with, on board with or forming an impression...

We have all these words and phrases that reflect the physical nature of our bodies and our relationships. It’s also an area that many of us have confusion or mixed reactions to given our unique histories and experiences.

What’s your experience of “being in touch” with others?

Are there times or ways you are “out of touch”?

If NVC supports us in building stronger connection and understanding, what shifts or changes in thinking, feeling, reacting and behaving go along with your improved communication?

What inner connections also get built? As you are more “in touch” with your own needs, intentions and awareness, what emerges that is new for you?


Reach out and touch someone: Ask permission to make physical contact with someone. Track your reactions and the reactions of the other as carefully and gently as possible. Maybe means no.

Check in with what emotions come up (whether you touch or not), the needs that are met and/or unmet. Is it possible to talk about all that with compassion and curiosity?

Attachment Theory and Connections: Touching using Avoidant, Ambivalent and Secure styles.

No one is in control: Practise contact-improv style connection using hands or leaning back to back. Move toward leaderless interaction. Again, notice feelings and needs that arise. Does this relate as a metaphor for how you connect with others in life?

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