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Would you be open to sending this info on this documentary screening on the true causes of the Vancouver housing crisis, to anyone on your email list (or your social media) who lives in Vancouver soon as possible, so that they can have the chance to clear their calendar to see this documentary? (More on "why" below)
Here's the event info: https://riotheatretickets.ca/events/6059-vancouver-no-fixed-address

Here's the trailer:

The documentary director, Charles Wilkinson, will be there for a Q&A after the screening.

I saw it yesterday and looks like the perspective that this offers would be ideal as a basis for common understanding that Vancouverites would be best positioned to form next actions on.

There was a panel discussion after that included Charles and some featured experts from the documentary. One of the things said in the panel discussion is that the housing crisis would lead to a major economic crash. I see this as something that anyone who lives in Vancouver would be interested in averting -- no matter what side of the issue they are on.

From seeing the documentary, and hearing the panel discussion, one of the things I got was that even if we were to find other housing in Vancouver, we can't run away from the root causes that could seep into any new housing situation. And even if you were somehow miraculously unaffected on a housing level, it still would affect your economic well being, should you choose to stay in Vancouver.

The issues may seem overwhelming, and it's interesting to note that in any situation where there has been social change in history, there only needed to be 3.5% of a group that was truly dedicated the cause to make change happen (according to this research:
). This brings me some hope for what's possible if only enough people are aware of the true causes, and potential outfall.

~ Melissa
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