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Nancy B

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Information on fees and financial support


Oct 22 – Dec 22 Reclaiming Our Wholeness: Teleseminar   10-weeks (online/phone)

Coming to this world we seem to be in full connection with our hearts and bodies, trusting life around us and showing up with our full selves. We invite you to join us in reclaiming our birthrights – a journey to  reconnect with our natural state of wholeness.

Oct 1 – 2 Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Foundations  Gabriola Island, BC

Would you like a new way to approach conflict and difficult situations?  Want to respond with more clarity and calm?  Join us for an exploration of the fundamentals of Compassionate or Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Oct 15-16 Creating Change from a Place of Power  Gabriola Island, BC

Be gentle, be truthful, be fearless.” -M.K. Gandhi   Calling change makers! Social entrepreneurs! Action heroes! Use your power to create the world you want so badly, while still remaining compassionate and energized.

Nov 12 – 13 Cultivating Body Consciousness  Gabriola Island, BC

Moment by moment our bodies respond to the world around us and contain messages that can guide us. This is our internal wisdom that serves to notify us when we are thinking, acting or being in alignment with ourselves and when we are not.  Through this workshop we will explore several practices for tuning into the messages of the body, identifying the underlying needs and responding to them consciously.

Nov 20 – 21 Compassionate Communication in the Workplace Banff, AB

Want to bring more clarity and collaboration to your team at work? Need a way to have difficult conversations and deal with potential conflict? Join this in-depth exploration of how NVC can support – and even transform – your workplace.


Feb 4 – 5 Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Foundations   Gabriola Island, BC

Sat April 16 – Sun 17 Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Foundations Gabriola Island, BC

April 22 – 29 Living NVC: Immersion Program The Haven, Gabriola Island, BC

This week-long program is designed to support the ongoing development and integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) into every aspect of life.  You’ll have an opportunity to practice NVC with guidance, compassion, and support, whether your aim is to broaden awareness in your personal life, teach the process to others, impact positive social change in the world…or all three.

July 12 – 14 Gabriola Island NVC Jam Descanso Bay Campground, Gabriola Island, BC

Passionate about sharing NVC? Come play, create, and connect with others with the same passion, all in a camp setting. Try out a new process/session/game, get feedback, and get new ideas. “Jammers” are invited to help host the Camp that follows after.

July 15 – 19 Gabriola Island NVC Camp  Descanso Bay Campground, Gabriola Island, BC

A combination of learning experiences, an experiment in community and giving, and a holiday by the ocean – all wrapped up into one.   Campers with or without NVC experience can participate in 1/2 day workshop sessions, led by experienced facilitators, around 3 themes: individual work, family relationships, and community change. Yoga will be offered every morning, and there are trails and beaches to explore.  Everyone is welcome, including families.  Campers bring what they need to survive – not hard on beautiful Gabriola Island!


Mitch Miyagawa

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Thanks for posting these Nancy!

And just wanted to say how excited I am to join this forum, and to have had the chance to meet some of you a few weekends ago when I visited Vancouver. 

It's hard to find NVC community where I live, in and around Gabriola Island - I've been mostly trying to create it myself. So I feel inspired to find a thriving group like EVCCC.

I hope to see and meet more of you sometime - perhaps at one of the practice group meetings, or at one of my workshops. Please reach out if you're interested in finding out more.

Peace all,

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